About Jacqueline


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Hello and thank you for visiting! I am the owner and aesthetician of Jacqueline Skincare. I have been in the skin care industry for over 13 years and have lived in Issaquah for almost 20 years with my husband, two children, and labradoodle Jasper. The idea of Jacqueline Skincare began with the concept that beautiful skin is healthy skin, and that healthy skin is best achieved via natural methods.  By natural methods, I mean customized, holistic skin treatments, minimally-invasive technologies, manual therapies, non-toxic skincare products, internal wellness, and supplementation.  These methods address the long-term health of skin cells from the inside out and outside in.  

My deep passion for holistic skincare started when I began to struggle with severe acne. Through extensive research and education, I was able to heal my skin and became very excited about helping others with their skin care needs. Every person who comes to me is a gift and I take care of my clients' needs by understanding the root cause of their skin issues. I believe in and select natural, non-toxic, non-inflammatory, products and healing methods wherever possible. Over the years, clients have come to me frustrated from having tried many unsuccessful skincare treatments and products.  When these clients transitioned to Jacqueline Skincare, they saw their acne heal, sensitivities resolve, hyper-pigmentation dramatically diminish, and signs of aging reverse.

I was trained at the prestigious Euro Institute of Skincare, where top destination wellness spas recruit from and have received certificates. My main services consist of customized skincare treatments,  dermaplaning, microneedling, and lash lifts. I received my microneedling training and certification from Dr. Lance Setterfield, a renowned author and one of the world’s foremost microneedling experts. Additionally, I try to incorporate massage,  manual lymphatic drainage, tuning forks, and aromatherapy into my services where I see fit.

I am passionate about expanding my expertise and deepening my knowledge. I attend continuing education training, covering topics such as ingredients, new equipment, and holistic skincare therapies. 

If you have been looking for a skincare experience that is effective in yielding long-term results, then you have found the right aesthetician! Schedule an appointment today and I can help you begin your journey to glowing, beautiful skin. 

Jacqueline Petty, L.E.